The Enduro Protect Advance+ Stationwear

The Advance+ is a technical garment ensemble based on the same patented technology and features of our Advance Baselayer. With the Advance+, we have used this technology to develop a Station wear uniform which is composed of a Poloshirt and Action trousers (activewear design). We have also used the technology of the Advance+ in a Wildfire Suit, which features unrivalled protection for the harshest of environments.

As with the Advance baselayer, the Advance+ is a cutting-edge protective uniform designed specifically for firefighters, engineered with our innovative patented technology. It delivers unrivalled comfort and maximum breathability, whilst not compromising on the protective capabilities.
What truly distinguishes our baselayer is its cutting-edge patented material technology, blocking 98.34 – 99.99% of smoke and particulates, shielding against cancer-causing agents and hazardous substances.

In creating our Advance and Advance+ Baselayers, we have included fire-retardant and anti-static properties in the materials. This ensures greater protection from flame and heat source, as well as electrostatic discharge. The material has been engineered with a 4-way stretch, improving the comfortability in the Defender Baselayer. Whilst providing unparalleled flexibility and mobility of the garments, it also limits the possibility of small tears in the fabric around the seams which would reduce the particulate blocking ability of the garment.

The ultra-fine knit moisture-managing fabric has sweat-wicking and rapid drying capabilities, which is essential for firefighters’ comfort amidst the extreme conditions during and post-burn. With a RET Test result of 7.0m2.PA/W and Air Permeability test of 943.0mm/100PA, the Advance+ material provides the sweat wicking and breathability of a lightweight sports top and almost the protection of a FFP3 mask.

The Enduro Protect Advanced+ Baselayer aligns with the ‘Clean Cab’ policy, providing versatility for dressing down without compromising safety standards. With these innovative features, our protective Baselayer establishes a new benchmark in firefighter apparel, prioritising both protection and comfort: a milestone previously deemed unattainable in the industry.

As with all our Baselayers, it is also free from PFAS/PFOS and is A British product.
Compared to the Defender, our Advanced baselayer has been designed to deliver the same level of protection, but not compromise in terms of comfort and breathability. It is also fire-retardant and anti-static.

Why choose Enduro Protect for your First Responders?

  • Continuous Innovation: We are dedicated in providing the best possible solutions in protective wear. We develop our own fabrics and technology which exceed industry and expert expectations.
  • Budget Friendly: We understand that our clients are subject to funding and budget restrictions. We’ve built our products to last years not months, to offset cost against garment life.
  • Scientifically Backed Protection: Independent qualified Test Houses have proved that our baselayer protects against dangerous cancer-causing particles through its 99.99% smoke and particulate-blocking material. Baselayers are vitally important in the protection of our firefighters, as such we won’t leave it to chance. Our baselayers and materials have been subjected to rigorous scientific testing.

For further information on our baselayer protection products or to discuss your requirements, contact the team today. Phone 01235 814112 or email [email protected] You can view our other protective wear and baselayer options by clicking here.

Stationwear Version

The Advance+ Stationwear is based on the same technology in the Advance Baselyer but designed as a Uniform Poloshirt with epaulettes and Action trouser for Stationwear. The Poloshirt features smart button down collars, a quarter zip and cuff adjusters. The Action Trouser features three upper zipped pockets and two zipped thigh pockets – all protected inside with the same carcinogen blocking technology. It also is manufactured with a quality waistband, with stretch elastic side sections, belt loops and cuff adjusters at the end of the legs to provide the perfect seal from the contaminants. This uniform shields against the cancer-causing carcinogenic elements found in smoke and fire, minimising exposure whilst ensuring optimal breathability. As with the Advance Baselayer, it safeguards against heat, effectively regulating body temperature before, during, and after fire exposure.

The stationwear version was developed to provide additional layering to improve protection from thermal burden and fire risks. Our existing clients were keen on a stationwear offering in the same advanced material so that they could wear it around the station, and then immediately respond to a scene without removing their uniform to replace with an adequate next-to-skin layer. The stationwear version allows a fire brigade to use their uniform budget as a way of upgrading their existing stationwear to include a level of protection too.
Once again, it is fire-retardant, anti-static and free from PFAS/PFOS for comprehensive protection.

Wildfire Suit Version

Our Advanced+ offering is also available in a wildfire suit, specially designed to withstand the extreme conditions when facing a wildfire. The suit is made from a double-layered, 420 gram fire retardant fabric, making this our most robust and heat resistant offering. It features the same fabric mesh technology, blocking cancer-causing carcinogens and pathogens firefighters are exposed to in the line of duty.

Key Features of Our Advanced+ Baselayer

  •  Uniform Style – Polo Top with epaulettes and activewear trousers.
  • Can be worn as Stationwear.
  • Available in a Wildfire Suit.
  • Fire Retardant and Anti-Static.
  • 4-way stretch with sweat wicking and rapid drying capabilities.
  • Fully breathable.
  • Long sleeve zip front top and joggers.
  • Ultra-fine knit moisture managing, high performance material.
  • 98.34 – 99.99% smoke and particulate-blocking material.
  • Protection against cancer-causing particulates and hazardous substances.
  • Controls body temperature to reduce heat stress.
  • Can be worn for dressing down as part of the ‘Clean Cab’ policy.
  • Both male and female fits are available.
  • Machine Washable (maintaining 99% blocking efficiency even after 100 wash/dry cycles).
  • Non PFAS/PFOS.




Comfort and Flexibility

The ultra-fine knit is a soft material with two-way stretch. Unlike competitor products, we’ve ensured that the flexibility doesn’t damage the protection at the seams.
As a firefighter, sweating is inevitable. Faced with exposure of extreme heat and multiple layers of clothing, protective wear needs to wick away sweat and keep you dry. That’s why our baselayer is crafted from a rapid-drying and moisture-wicking material, ensuring you stay dry and your body temperature doesn’t plummet when you take your equipment off.

With a relaxed-fit and elasticated cuffs, every piece of our protective wear boasts an ergonomic fit to ensure that our garments move with you, never against. And of course, they’re machine washable for easy maintenance with 99% blocking efficiency retained after 100 wash/dry cycles.
With some competitor materials, better protection means thicker materials. As such it can be a balancing act between protection and breathability, with heavier fabrics increasing the potential for heat stress. Our lightweight patented materials help regulate body temperature and reduce heat stress. In discussing our baselayer, Nicolas Brown (Oxfordshire FRS) commented that Enduro Protect “was much more efficient: cooling the entire body evenly, rapidly, and stopping once a reasonable temperature was gained. I never felt too cold in this, and I never felt wet. I was really impressed with this”.

Smoke and Particulate-Blocking Technology

The link between firefighting and cancer should concern us all. To protect firefighters against cancer-causing carcinogens and particulates, our baselayers feature a patented mesh fabric. This material blocks 98.34 – 99.99% of smoke and particulates, yet it is lightweight and breathable; redefining existing standards of firefighters PPE. Research has shown that our patented fabric blocks all the way to chemical warfare agents, making it a reliable fabric for the Ministry of Defence as well as Firefighters.

One firefighter commented that after exposure to heat and smoke in one of the FBT demo boxes his “skin did not smell of smoke or show any signs of contaminants. The inside of the baselayer was clean and also did not smell of smoke”. The smoke-blocking qualities of this material keep your clothes and your skin smoke free, and are the perfect solution to preventing cross-contamination and keeping in line with a clean cab policy.

Flame Retardant and Anti-Static

Designed to provide exceptional protection when worn under turnout gear, our Advanced and Advance+ Baselayers are flame retardant. Fire-retardant / Fire-resistant (FR) apparel is crafted to safeguard the wearer against flames and thermal harm. These garments are engineered to resist ignition and self-extinguish after the ignition source is eliminated, thus averting burns from both initial flame contact and residual heat transmission. This offers an additional layer of protection from the heat and flames to the wearer. Enduro Advanced and Advanced+ materials are FR to the following ISO standards:

  • EN 14116:2015
  • EN 11612:2015

The fabrics in our Advanced and Advanced+ Baselayers also have anti-static properties. Anti-static protective wear protect the wearer from electrostatic discharge (ESD), preventing potential sparks. In certain environments and situations, these sparks could lead to fires, explosions or even injuries.

Meet the Standards

Our baselayers are designed to meet the following standards:

  • EN ISO 14116:2015 Index 3
  • EN ISO 11612:2015
  • EN ISO 9237:1995
  • EN ISO 11092:2014


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