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The Enduro Protect® Advance+ Stationwear is a revolution in protective workwear, specially designed to effectively block carcinogenic substances while also controlling the body’s temperature, preventing heat stress and helping to protect the hardworking firefighters who risk their lives every day.

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Why choose our Advanced+ Stationwear

  • Uniform Style – Polo Top with epaulettes and activewear trousers and can be worn as Stationwear.
  • Fully breathable, 4-way stretch with sweat wicking and rapid drying capabilities.
  • Long sleeve zip front top and joggers.
  • Ultra-fine knit moisture managing, high performance material.
  • 98.34 – 99.99% smoke and particulate-blocking material.
  • Protection against cancer-causing particulates and hazardous substances.
  • Controls body temperature to reduce heat stress.
  • Can be worn for dressing down as part of the ‘Clean Cab’ policy.
  • Both male and female fits are available.
  • Non PFAS/PFOS.

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Comfort and Flexibility

The ultra-fine knit is a soft material with two-way stretch. Relaxed-fit and elasticated cuffs.

Moisture-wicking material

Our baselayer is crafted from a rapid-drying and moisture-wicking material, ensuring you stay dry.

Reduce heat stress

Our lightweight patented materials help regulate body temperature and reduce heat stress.


The material blocks 98.34 – 99.99% of smoke and particulates, yet it is lightweight and breathable.

Flame Retardant

Enduro Advanced and Advanced+ materials are FR to the following ISO EN 14116:2015 and EN 11612:2015 standards.


Protecting the wearer from electrostatic discharge (ESD), preventing potential sparks that could lead to fires, explosions or even injuries.

Machine Washable

For easy maintenance with 99% blocking efficiency retained after 100 wash/dry cycles.

Meet the Standards

Our baselayers are designed to meet EN ISO 14116:2015 Index 3, EN ISO 11612:2015, EN ISO 9237:1995 and EN ISO 11092:2014 standards.

Wildfire version

Our Advance+ offering is also available in a wildfire suit, specially designed to withstand the extreme conditions when facing a wildfire.

Advanced+ Stationwear Testing

This Advance+ boasts being fully breathable whilst providing the same unrelenting defence from cancer-causing particulates. With a RET test result of 7.0m2.PA/W and Air Permeability test result of 943.0 mm/100PA, this additional breathability optimises airflow and ventilation to prevent excessive increase in core temperature. Additionally, it protects from heat and actively regulates body temperature before, during and after exposure to fires, effectively reducing heat stress.

What truly sets our Advance+ apart, is its advanced patented material technology, blocking 98.34 – 99.99% of smoke and particulates, safeguarding against cancer-causing agents and hazardous substances. The most common of these are PAHs that are in the vapour of a fire. PAHs (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) are the most known for causing cancer and other long-term health issues. They also attack the immune system, which is thought to be why a firefighter’s immune system is often weakened after years in service. Enduro Protect Baselayer is effective at protecting your body from PAHs – good news for Firefighters and First Responders in general.

With these innovative features, our protective Baselayer and Stationwear establish a new benchmark in firefighter apparel, prioritising both protection and comfort.

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